Like JLo, Blake Lively is being criticized for launching an alcohol brand (an off-shoot of her nonalcoholic drinks, Betty Buzz). She acknowledges that she doesn’t drink straight away. Instead of a partier, she’s positioning herself as a good hostess, which is a smart angle. 


For her to push through this initial blowback - which she would 100% have expected - she needs to lean into the joke, not shy away from it. We know most celebrities don’t use their own brands (particularly around skin care!) but the key is to treat fans with respect. Condescension pisses people off, and rightfully so. (An example of someone who has done it right: Jessica Simpson. She wears a lot of designer clothes but always shows up for her brand in a genuine way.)


Is conscious uncoupling out? The Cut has an interesting theory- are celebrity divorces messy again? I do think the copacetic joint statement, which has been standard over the last few years, is not as frequent as it once was.


These Pink memes have started and like any internet meme it will be driven into the ground but so far, this is my favourite. 


I really hope I’m crediting this properly because these videos are compilations of celebrities bragging about the provenance of their wood. It’s a whole thing and I’ve never noticed it before but they all have one piece of “notable” wood in their house – is this in case Architectural Digest comes over and they need something to talk about? Who knew wood was such a status symbol! I cannot imagine how long these videos took to put together – thank you for your service, TikToker.


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♬ original sound - Karolyn McKenzie

This skit of an earnest British actor promoting a movie is 10/10 no notes perfection. 


Only Murders in the Building is coming and I for one will watch it in two days max. I might even do a rewatch of season two beforehand.

I’m not a sports person or a Wes Anderson expert but whoever runs the Detroit Red Wings social media account did an incredible job with this. Cinematography! Sound design! Storyline! Truly incredible. (Deborah – thanks for sending!)


Oh yes we did. Full schedule at #wesanderson

♬ original sound - Detroit Red Wings