Sarah Jessica Parker was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter and it seems like SJP wanted to get her side out regarding Kim Cattrall. A lot was covered, including SJP’s assertion that Kim sunk the third movie by passing on the role and that it has been Kim fueling the “feud” discourse. It seems what bothers SJP most is that Kim has implied SJP is not nice and SATC was not a pleasant experience, a knock on SJP’s professionalism as the star and executive producer of the show. That is what seems to really pain Sarah Jessica Parker as she is someone who takes her role on set very seriously. Will this be the final word? Probably not, as this is the kind of professional feud that grabs a lot of headlines because people genuinely want to believe that at one point, these people were best friends even though that was clearly never the case. 


There’s also an extremely interesting side note to all this: Kathy Najimy, who starred with SJP in Hocus Pocus (like Lainey, I haven’t seen it) tweeted this yesterday. Gossip is a buffet, but I think Kathy’s point is very clear here. 

Are we watching The Boys? I liked the first two seasons and I think the concept – destructive superheroes who are marketing products that do deep damage to society– is very interesting. The violence does make me squeamish (I think that’s the point) and some of the characters, like Kimiko, are underwritten but I am invested enough for a third season. 


As This Is Us ends, can we talk about the universally-adored Mandy Moore? She had a rough few years, both personally and professionally, before the show took off. In an industry that is built to dispose of people it’s so nice to see her thriving. 

“Guys – I wouldn’t normally comment on this stuff” – ummmm, you gave an entire interview on “this stuff.” Liam Payne either doesn’t have a clue what he is doing or knows exactly what he’s doing.


Matthew Morrison was relieved from So You Think You Dance after an investigation found inappropriate texts, which he acknowledged in a statement. Yesterday he read the texts he says were deemed inappropriate in order to defend himself and in the name of transparency. From the text he read, there’s nothing sexual or overt (see more here) but we don’t know if those were the only texts or the context of the relationship. Considering it was sent to a contestant and the time it was sent (12:34 AM), I think the network was proactive. I do wonder if he’s gearing up for a wrongful dismissal suit or something like that.

Mindy Kaling has launched an imprint with Amazon, Mindy’s Book Studio. I’m slowly getting back to reading full books as I had a major slowdown during Covid. (I just finished Vladamir by Julia May Jonas, which I really enjoyed.) Book recommendations are a very specific, personal thing. Are you interested in what Mindy likes? Going by how much I enjoy her shows, I’m very interested. 


Did Apple Martin and Ryder Robinson go to the same school or is green a common gown colour for grads? I don’t think they go to the same school because Ryder’s diploma says “Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences” (not giving any private info away here, it’s in the second photo) and Gwyneth has talked about going to Crossroads before she went to Spence, saying the former was a very laid back school and she was unprepared for academics. Both Gwyneth and Kate also wore hats to the graduation – maybe the ceremonies were outside. 

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