Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s break up is fresh but seems solid. This doesn’t seem like a “taking a break” situation. It looks like it’s over, really over. And you know Michael’s friends are trying to cheer him up. Do you think they will take him clubbing this week? 


Dua Lipa is a pop star with a solid list of bangers and she is famous, no doubt. But her side projects, including a culture/travel/food newsletter and podcast on which she talks to celebrities (like Bowen Yang) and hosts incredibly interesting discussions (like sexual slavery survivor Nadia Murad telling her story to Amal Clooney) doesn’t get a lot of the typical click-bait attention. Is it because she doesn’t have stans? I think she is popular and has fans, but she doesn’t seem to inspire the rabidness that some fandoms exhibit. This is a good thing as we know how often that kind of attention can be detrimental in the long run. 


Gisele posted a video of Tom Brady in his underwear (which is from his own line) as he straddles retirement and then unretirement and setting up post-NFL businesses (like TB12). But what about Gisele’s semi-retirement? Tom has spoken about the “huge sacrifice” Gisele has made in her career so he could continue playing at the highest level and with his initial announcement, I wondered if that meant we would see more of her. She did cover British Vogue for June and has worked on a Burberry campaign but runway is a different beast that requires a significant travel commitment, so not sure that is on the table. If it was an option, designers would be lining up to have Gisele walk for them. 


Did you ever use Clubhouse? I had an account because I have a friend who was obsessed with it but I could not get into it – it was like listening to the radio combined with being on a conference call. A year ago this week, Forbes said the app was dying and it seems that it is indeed dead, but might live on in some form for a niche group (like tech or crypto?). It’s all feeling very Quibi. And these social media platforms (and streaming networks) that take on the language of the internet always sound very “how do you do, fellow kids.”