The day we have been waiting for finally arrives: the Vanderpump Rules reunion finale is tonight and executive producer Alex Baskin is still promising a twist. The cast does not know what it is yet and will find out with the audience. 


The Hollywood Reporter has covered this story, which is huge for a reality show and I don’t think Alex Baskin would stick to his guns if he was faking us out. He doesn’t need to drum up more interest as the ratings are massive and fans could not be more invested. The Bravo blogs have been buzzing with theories – did Ariana and Raquel hook up secretly? Was the affair going on a lot longer than they admitted to? Was it a poly situation gone awry? Did Raquel film a spin-off in Vegas? So far, nothing has landed and no screeners were sent out, even to top-tier media. We will all watch it live, together. I’m excited for all of us who have invested in this show. 


As I wrote earlier this week, Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t dating model Meghan Roche but she is dating his friend, the one she was literally holding hands with in some of the initial photos. The denial didn’t come out fast and now, because of the way the internet works, if you Google her she will be linked to Leo for a very long time. But Leo is not super invested in downplaying his modelizer image and largely ignores most of the stories. His history of not engaging and the wording in the Page Six article, which calls Roche’s boyfriend Radius “major,” has me thinking that the denial isn’t from Leo’s camp. 


The Girl Boss graveyard is filled with app start-ups and sassy fashion brands but credit to Karlie Kloss for keeping Kode with Klossy going since 2015. Many of these kinds of passion projects are abandoned for various reasons (cost, lack of time, dwindling interest) but she has stuck with it and really invests in it. 


Kerry Washington makes the case for SAG solidarity with the writers’ strike. Considering how the vote went, she is vocalizing the support many people feel.


Everything I know about The Idol is from Twitter and I’m so curious to see what the ratings drop will be like from the first episode to the second (or maybe it’s building momentum – it’s hard to tell). This clip is quite literally dark, a problem I associate with HBO dramas. It’s like someone is paid to turn off the lights before the camera rolls.