When I first scrolled past this post I thought it was just Busy Philipps being Busy Philipps because the second photo came up for me (flip through and you will see what I mean) – she loves a moment. But it was actually an announcement as she will be playing Ms. George in the Mean Girls musical. 


This is really great casting because she will make it her own. She has the energy for a “I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom” vibe.


The only logical next step here is for Tom Cruise to deliver the Top Gun baby. He has a pilot license and a real estate license, so why not a medical license? He will cram and get his medical degree in three months and take all exams from the deck of an aircraft carrier. 


Reality TV is a tricky beast because once a show with an unknown cast becomes a hit it will often lose the reality aspect as they all become influencers. Then reality TV is a job they need to keep. Vanderpump Rules was an all-time great reality show that took a huge nosedive when the pandemic hit, so much so that people were trying to anoint the Summer House as its replacement. But this season, Vanderpump is back to form and Summer House feels stale (I think the “work hard play hard” format doesn’t really fly anymore). One thing Bravo does right is let shows fail sometimes because when you have so many off-shoots and franchises, not every season can be a banger. An off-season doesn’t necessarily mean a cancellation, which is not the case for network TV or most streamers. 


Bella Hadid is always working a lot, collaborating with Charlotte Tilbury on her makeup line. It has scaled considerably and usually, when a celerity wants to learn the business before launching their own skin care or cosmetics line, this is part of the process. 


A lot of covers and photo shoots for American magazines are pretty boring now and I don’t blame the art directors – there’s not the budget there once was and it’s hard to justify spending it on a “cover” that will be an Instagram post that is forgotten about in a few days. That’s why I appreciate what W Magazine has done for Jennifer Coolidge and director Daniel Kwan here, it feels worthy of their moment.