No surprise The Bear is renewed for a third season. It avoided the second season slump and there’s still a fair bit of story after opening night. I don’t know if it will be a show that runs for 10 seasons but a solid 3-5 seems right.


There are very few celebrities using Instagram to show their day-to-day life and this salad post by Mindy Kaling is a great example of why most have stopped. She posted a plane salad, saying she wants to try to not eat so “randomly” when she flies. (I understand the randomness – airport food in North America is often limited, low-quality and expensive.) Innocuous, right? No. People are SO MAD about many different things including: why does someone flying business class need to bring food? Why did she put salmon in her salad? Why did she get special treatment to bring food on? (This is a strange one – do people not know you can bring food on a plane? You just can’t bring over 3oz of liquid, depending on where you are flying out of.) Then there’s the “why are you so obsessed with eating like this” when again, if you follow Mindy, she likes to cook and make recipes and sometimes a person wants a salad and sometimes they want a family size bag of salt and vinegar chips from Hudson News. 


The discourse is exhausting and I understand why so many opt out of it. It’s just a salad!


My take on the Bravo reckoning is that many fans don’t read or care about what Vanity Fair has to say about their shows. Following some false reports that the OG Real Housewives of New York’s Girls Trip franchise would be shelved because of Ramona Singer, Bravo brought out the cast (minus Ramona) and a highly anticipated trailer at Bravocon (which was, once again, a chaotic success). One wayward Housewife like Ramona (who has always been problematic) isn’t that much of a gotcha. Bravo is, in my opinion, too big to fail. Its fandom has grown so large and has such a foothold in media (great for clicks for outlets like US Weekly) that the controversy only feeds the appetite. Journalist Anna Peele, who wrote the Vanity Fair story and did an excellent job with sourcing and capturing the push-and-pull of this kind of fame, appeared on the Still Watching podcast and it’s worth a listen.


You know that one work friend you’ve had who keeps in touch with everyone beyond social media and is the organizer and the glue? I love a glue person, they perform an important service. Jesse Tyler Ferguson is a glue person.


Yvonne Orji was on Chelsea Handler’s podcast and talked about being a virgin and this isn’t like when teen stars used to have to have press conferences about it in the 90s. She’s laughing and joking about it on her own terms and Chelsea is, of course, fascinated