Have you read Bradley Cooper’s NYT profile, written by the inimitable Taffy Brodesser-Akner? It’s complicated and insightful – thanks to Taffy. She does all the heavy lifting here. She has to justify the value of her work vs his idea that his work is so important and precious it will only be sullied by her interpretation of it. That’s how I read it. Not that Bradley was rude or difficult, he was just uncooperative. Which brings me to the why of the interview. Why would his people set him up with Taffy, one of the most prominent celebrity profile writers working today? Why did he agree to the interview? And even though he gave up nothing, according to Page Six, “He did not like that New York Times profile at all”. It seems like he wanted a press release, not an interview. Many outlets would have accommodated his requests, so again: why go with a NYT profile?


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I looked at this picture for a minute before my brain connected the thread between these two: John Mayer! They are d-ck sisters.


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When I wrote about Mischa Barton joining The Hills reboot, I wondered who was also up for consideration. The Daily Mail says Katharine McPhee and Kelly Osbourne were on the producers’ shortlist. Kelly Osbourne is so intertwined with her family, I don’t know if that would work. And Katharine McPhee is engaged to David Foster, so would he be on the show? I would think he’s cooled to the reality TV show world after being married to a Real Housewife. Out of these three, Mischa makes the most sense. 


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I’m preoccupied with the way Henry Cavill is holding his phone. How did he take the photo without his fingers on the screen? There’s no way his pinky could reach. 


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Yesterday he was, to quote Vulture, the “douchebag liberal-arts-major ex” and today he’s sorry.