I love a celebrity birthday message, but here Barbra Streisand is putting on a clinic in how to do it. It’s a full shot of her good side. John Mayer is in the corner of the shot, looking at her adoringly. She posted it a day late. And he’s still insanely grateful to even be acknowledged by her. This is how it’s done. 


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Do you think they were all talking about how excited they are to work with Beyoncé?


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If you watch The Good Place, you know there’s another Hemsworth brother, Larry. Look at this mock Aussie tabloid cover used on the show and tell me again why you aren’t watching? 


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I’ve mentioned this insane story in this space before. Lili Reinhart responded to this tweet with “He’s not on our show. So please don’t involve Riverdale” and then deleted it. She hasn’t said why, but I’m guessing wherever she goes, lots of very enthusiastic Riverdale fans and haters follow, so she was probably sick of the notifications. Still, I do think the Riverdale cast would like to be excluded from this “Sam Lutfi and Ross Butler allegedly conspired to kidnap Courtney Love’s ex son-in-law” narrative.



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How long would you have to be dating someone to go to a gala with them? It was one of the first dates Armie Hammer and his wife Elizabeth went on – a gala in support of a museum founded by Armie’s great-grandfather. Is that a high pressure situation or, for wealthy people, is it like going to dinner and a movie? On Succession, my guideline for the behavioral norms of one percenters, gala dating is a thing. Even for a first date. 


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