Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris are dating and the exclusive went to PEOPLE so there’s a lot to unpack here. Both of them split from their spouses fairly recently and they were good friends (and traveled together) before that. Of course, that causes some gossip sensors to go off, especially as Sophia’s split seemed so sudden and Ashlyn and her ex Ali Krieger have young children. 


We know PEOPLE is sanctioned so Sophia and Ashlyn wanted the story out, even though they are newly dating. Why? Is it it to get ahead of possible rumours? Were they photographed together? Was someone going to spill to TMZ so they wanted to control the scoop? Or are they just head over heels and wanted everyone to know? Sophia’s ex-husband released a statement to Page Six and seems fine with it.  


Goop is launching a more affordable wellness and beauty line called Good Clean Goop. It’s not surprising that Goop has started targeting the big box stores (this line will be sold at Amazon and Target). This is where the money is: the masses. But to protect the brand, this cheaper label has a separate identity and social media account. Gwyneth has talked about getting Goop to a place where it can exist without her and this is a step in that direction. Volume, volume, volume. Licensing is next. With this new line, she can capitalize on her celebrity and upscale image, along with the idea at that she is a health guru. The word “clean” is interesting in wellness because it really has no definition or meaning, it’s basically what an influencer or celebrity decides is “clean.” It’s a whole aesthetic on TikTok – Clean Girl. It’s glossy skin and perfect eyebrows. There’s no scientific baseline for what is “clean” in cosmetics and oftentimes, clean just means simple. 


How much do you think a face wash will go for? My guess is it will be in the $20 range.


Every September people start freaking out over seeing Halloween candy and Christmas decorations “too early.” It’s an entire personality for people to freak out over seeing a Christmas tree in Costco in October. I rebuke this. Bring on Mariah Season!


Bella Hadid continues to take time off from runway modeling after a gruelling few years and is now in her Yellowstone era. She’s dating a cowboy. Like an actual cowboy!


DeuxMoi is reporting that Ariana Grande is working on new music and SpongeBob Side Piece is on the picket line. Reportedly they are living together in New York but how are they never papped? That’s much harder to achieve in NYC than in LA but they’ve been managing it.