I probably shouldn’t even include this low-level gossip but I see a narrative building and it is annoying me!!!!! Page Six is trying to make Jennifer Garner versus Jennifer Lopez a thing, first by implying Ben and Jen G. spend a lot of time together (ummmm, they’ve always coparented), then that they are “cozy” together (again, all in the context of family time) and now that Jennifer Garner is “channeling” JLo’s style because she wore, get ready for it, a cardigan and jeans. So wearing common wardrobe pieces are now considered “channeling” someone else’s style? 


This is so dumb! And very, very low-level gossip that I know we aren’t going to entertain.

Frances Bean Cobain married Tony Hawk’s son Riley and Michael Stipe officiated the ceremony – this is making my 90s heart grow three sizes!

The Beckhams have had a great run lately: David’s success in Miami, Victoria’s line continues to draw in high-profile clientele and the Netflix documentary. Even though Rebecca Loos is still speaking to British tabloids, the interest around her is not there. People have largely moved on from it because the Beckhams swiftly moved on. And you know what I think kicked off this lucky streak of gossip? The Peltz-Beckham wedding. Nicola’s crusty dad and demanding mom worked in the OG Beckhams favour. 


As Lainey mentioned, John Stamos has an uphill battle promoting his memoir at the same time as Britney Spears and Jada Pinkett-Smith, but he has some very 80s stories that I’m digging (like Tony “steal your girl” Danza). There’s also Bob Saget, who was the nucleus of the Full House crew. He kept them all, even the Olsen twins!, in contact and writing the book as a tribute and record of his great friendship is pretty touching.


And more memoirs are coming including – Barbra Streisand! I hope she dedicates a few pages to the underground mall that exists in one of her homes.

It’s Christmas movie trailer season! How about a low-stakes drama revolving around two frenemies and a really nice house? Netflix knows we will take it.


Hilary Duff had quite a party weekend, including hanging out with Nicole Richie at the Good Charlotte concert in stories because that’s where Vegas memories go – in stories. Fleeting. Oh and can we take a minute to appreciate Christopher Mintz-Passe? Did you know when filming Superbad, Johah Hill couldn’t stand him and didn’t want him cast? Just a little tidbit to tuck away.

Hilary Duff's Instagram Stories
Hilary Duff's Instagram Stories

What’s in a name? Well, that’s for Duana to answer but Brian McKnight has a whole bunch of name drama going on after changing his name to legally match his youngest son. The issue here is that there is an older Brian Jr. (along with three more adult children) and this obviously goes deep.


A new Beyoncé perfume just dropped and it’s shipping for the holidays. This will be sold out by end of day. And yes, Canadians can order it! Usually perfume is tricky for shipping but it is available for US and Canadian addresses. Top notes are clementine and honey, fitting for the Beyhive.