Gisele Bundchen is making headlines for a recent PEOPLE interview (she’s promoting a cookbook) in which she said she quit drinking. I do not find this surprising at all. Alcohol, caffeine, processed foods – these do not seem to align with everything she has told us over the years. What is interesting about the article is how candid she is about her children – she talks a lot about their activities, their schooling and their hobbies. That’s something she and Tom Brady previously kept pretty private. 


Jaime King and Kyle Newman had a very ugly split during Covid and have just finalized their divorce. (Since their split, he has also had another baby.) Is it weird that his lawyer talked to Page Six about it? Laura Wasser would never. He said that after years of bitterness and acrimony and serious allegations on both sides, the two sat down and hammered out an agreement and even went for coffee together. So, this is Marriage Story? Whatever the real deal is, hopefully they move on peacefully. 


Is it just me or does it seem like the public anger towards Kathy Griffin was way more visceral and swift than it has been for Russell Brand? I know it’s comparing apples (an inadvisable photograph) and oranges (rape allegations), but people were just so mad at her. He got a standing ovation at his Wembley gig. Kathy had to wait a long time to tour again, because of death threats. 


Earlier today, Lainey wrote about Lily Gladstone and Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover of British Vogue, with the publication noting the photoshoot took place before the strike. Vogue is still a print magazine so this makes sense, the lead time is much longer than for online-only magazines. But eventually, the well will dry up. And then what? Hopefully everyone will be back to work. Apple has more money than god and they are going to let a Scorsese movie, starring an honest-to-goodness movie star and a stunning rising star, go unpromoted? 


Sofia Coppola has had a few book events. Lots of Chanel and stars like Elle Fanning, Rashida Jones, Olivia Munn (with John Mulaney), Kirsten Dunst (of course!) and Kristen Stewart. There’s fanfare but there’s a drollness to all of it. Snobbery isn’t the quite the right word but you do get a sense that this is the cool kids’ table. 


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