Dear Gossips,

The best thing I watched online yesterday was a 10-second video that I still don’t understand. And that’s why it’s my favourite. Because it’s bonkers and it came from Céline Dion and, well, this is why we love Céline Dion. It just maybe took us a while longer to catch up to her and appreciate her, appreciate the wacky and the offbeat-ness of her personality. 

This is another example of it: 


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Célinununu is her new gender neutral kids’ clothing line. Why are the cops knocking Céline to the ground and handcuffing her? Why is she pulling a Reese Witherspoon upon arrest? What does any of this have to do with children’s clothing?!

Nobody knows! 

But now that I’ve seen the Célinununu launch collection, I want everything – in adult sizes. I want all the baggy sweatpants. And the jackets. There’s a biker jacket that comes in denim and french terry with a cross-body zipper that is adorable. There’s a puffer that’s half silver and half black I’m going to try getting in the largest size possible because I’m so short, sometimes I fit into kids’ items. There’s an oversized alphabet dress with pockets that looks so comfortable, I’m pretty sure I can make it work. 

Today is the grand unveiling so, presumably, as promised, we’re going to find out what is happening to Céline in this video. Even better – will there be a press tour, or a few press events, to promote it? More Céline is always, always good news. 

Yours in gossip,