Last week Celine Dion took over Paris Fashion Week. Then she went to London and did the same. 
Celine Dion performed in Hyde Park on Friday and… it was the only sh-t that mattered. It was clearly the only sh-t that mattered to Sam Smith: 

I’m going to see Celine when she’s on tour in December and I will be 100 times more extra than Sam. And louder. It might be the first time I cry all year. In several years probably. But there is no way that the Queen of All Feelings won’t move me to feel ….EVERYTHING!

Celine moved the people of London to gather around her hotel, waiting for a blessing. Look at these crowds!



And they say she sings music for old people?! These are not old faces. This is the youth mobilising for a legend who is now more popular than she’s ever been before – and it’s not like she hasn’t been doing this for 30 years. But even those who weren’t alive when she released her first songs know all the words. Celine has retained her audience and she continues to attract new fans who are going back to discover the music. This is the goal for all entertainers: relevance. Celine Dion is RELEVANT. What’s fascinating is that her relevance combines current culture, like a certain of-the-momentness and trendiness, while maintaining constancy. There were people, especially here in Canada, who used to laugh at Celine, because she was never “cool”. But who is cooler now than Celine?