Have you seen this? Have you seen Chadwick Boseman pull up at the Black Panther premiere and then like, ascend from his car? Have you watched it seventeen times in a row like me? No? Fix your life.

Look at Boseman FEELING HIMSELF getting out of that car. He’s a handsome dude, that’s been obvious for years, but this is next-level swagger and I can feel a distinct Chadwick Boseman problem coming on. LOOK AT THAT GOLD JACKET. Is he even standing on the ground? Or is the magic of that jacket lifting him above the earthly fray? To quote Lainey, have you ever seen anyone look this good? As Kathleen has been sobbing about all morning, this was an EXTREMELY WELL DRESSED premiere.

This is, obviously, a big moment for Boseman. He’s been around for a while now, he’s played big roles before, but Black Panther is going to be a cultural moment the way Wonder Woman was last summer. And because it’s winter and the dead season for movies, Black Panther is going to have a solid month to revel in that moment without distraction. It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN. (Last night my neighbor was blasting Kiss From a Rose and watching the premiere livestream, and at first I was annoyed by the noise but once he explained what he was doing it was like, Oh yeah keep that up, totally get it. EVERYONE is ready for this movie.) Boseman is going to get a huge boost from this—although I expect the women of Wakanda will be the fan-favorite breakouts—and you can see that he not only knows the cusp on which he stands but that he’s ready for it. He will always be Justified’s Flex, the would-be street magician in my heart, but we’ve arrived at the next phase of Chadwick Boseman’s career, the all-out movie star phase. All hail His Majesty, The King of Wakanda, indeed.

Here he is on Kimmel last night: