Chadwick Boseman rolled up to the Infinity War premiere as the reigning Marvel champ. Not only is Black Panther one of the biggest movies in history, but it’s also a landmark in so many ways, the most recent of which is being the film to end the 35 year cinema ban in Saudi Arabia. RDJ is the godfather of the MCU, and Chadwick Boseman is its future. Not only because his character, T’Challa, is poised to inherit the Avengers after Tony Stark and Steve Rogers f*ck off into the sunset, but because Boseman has the poise and the charisma to captain the team whenever RDJ finally retires. He isn’t as boisterous as RDJ—who is?—but Boseman certainly has the magnetism to be the focal point of the universe. Just look at him in his color-block suit. RDJ’s tenure as leader of the Avengers has been marked by his, er, funky sense of style. Boseman’s tenure will be fashion-forward but, you know, in a good way.

If, that is, he can stay awake. I’m pretty sure he fell asleep during the press conference over the weekend. Check out this video at the 7:43 mark:

Hard to blame the guy. That’s an edited, partial cut of the presser and it’s almost twenty minutes long, during which time one question goes to Boseman, so you can hardly fault him for checking out. And you’re lying if you say you’ve never nodded off at work. It’s just that for most of us, “work” does not involve sitting in front of hundreds of cameras and recording devices, so no one sees our impromptu siestas (hopefully). This is, surely, the sign of a born leader, the ability to power nap anywhere, any time. All hail King T’Challa, but like, quietly, he’s catching some zzzs.