Dear Gossips,

I know you’re probably almost over the Emmys by now. Or you are already over the Emmys and you don’t understand why I have to talk about it again. But please, stay with me. Please care about this as much as I care about it:

Justin Timberlake has 4 Emmys.

Shonda Rhimes has NO Emmys. 

Like… ZERO.

Duana’s been shouting at the sky for a long, long time about how Shonda Rhimes has been underappreciated. How her series are never talked about with the gravitas extended to shows primarily conceived by men. Possibly because Shonda’s shows are enjoyed by women. Totally because, of course, a Shonda Rhimes production is considered Peak TV-lite. Too soapy. Or earnest. Too many tears. Too much love. Too much dancing. Too much crying while loving and dancing. Or something. Never mind that she was the one who put Olivia Pope on camera aborting the President’s baby to Silent Night, no regrets. Shonda Rhimes did that. Over the objections of the network.

I care more about Shonda having no Emmys than she does though. Shonda’s too busy showing her work to bother with any of that. While Duana, Kathleen, and I we were all rushing out our Emmys posts on Monday, we were also rushing to finish so that we could spend time at Shondaland, Shonda’s new website. I’m still making my way through the content. Like every single article. Shondaland is inclusive, featuring a diverse group of writers and content creators – including Mallory Ortberg, formerly of The Toast! Click here to read her piece on bras and bra sizes.

And you must, must, must click here to read Shonda’s interview with Billie Jean King ahead of the release of Battle Of The Sexes this weekend. The piece is full of teachable moments but here’s the passage that Shonda herself highlighted and is keeping with her – BJK’s response to whether or not it’s lonely to be a champion:

“Leadership is lonelier than being a champion. Over the years, I have learned you don’t do it by yourself. Real champions are champions in life and you don’t get to that point and you don’t continue to excel as a champion without the support, the contributions, and the knowledge of others.”

That’s pretty much Shonda, non? She has always shared. She is sharing now, on Shondaland, using her considerable capital to provide a platform for other voices, to nurture other talent. Shonda Rhimes might not be an Emmy winner. But she is definitely a champion.

Yours in gossip,