We are coming up on the one year anniversary of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announcing their separation. Many of you were devastated at the time. “LOVE IS OVER!” proclaimed people on Twitter. “I’LL NEVER GET OVER THIS (celebrity split)!,” said others. Well, the lesson here is that if the celebrities can get over it, you can get over it. Jenna is now in a relationship with Steve Kazee and Channing’s with Jessie J and Jenna and Steve were the first to get out there publicly and be seen together while Chan and Jessie kept it lower key but a few weeks ago, just before Oscar weekend, Channing Tatum showed up on Jessie J’s Instastory and that was the appetiser. Here they are in London holding hands today, nothing dramatic, just two people in love going about their business. 

Channing isn’t new to this. He knows it’ll be a story – because of course these are the first good quality pictures of them all like “We Are A Couple” but in going about it so casually like this, the goal, I think, is to take away the novelty and, therefore, the intrigue. Not that there was any intrigue to begin with – and that’s another thing: really, there hasn’t been any. I mean, sure, people tried to make a “he must have cheated on Jenna” story right after the breakup but all that died as soon as Jenna spoke up and was like, um, no, that’s not what went down, bye. Since then, zero level drama. Channing didn’t join Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wolf Pack Pussy Possy (as IFFFFFF Leo would even grant Chan membership if he even bothered to apply – which he wouldn’t – since, in case you hadn’t noticed, Leo has to be the prettiest boy in his circle); he didn’t become a fixture on the Hollywood party circuit; and he wasn’t liking bikini photos posted by random Instagram models. This rollout with Jessie then is just an extension of how chill it’s all been. And confirmation that it is, indeed, serious.