It’s been almost three months since Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced their separation. Here they are yesterday taking their daughter Everly to a class, entering separately. They said that they were parting amicably. They all say they’re parting amicably. It is often not amicable. But this can be taken as a sign that it’s not ugly between them and hopefully that it won’t get ugly between them. After all, in the time that has passed after they revealed their split, nothing ugly has come up. You’ll recall, Jenna was the one who spoke up right away to defend Chan and shut down the possibility of any rumours about Channing f-cking up. So maybe this is their way of upholding the dream. Like remember the reaction when it was first confirmed that it was over? People were all like LOVE IS OVER, WHAT CAN WE BELIEVE ANYMORE? 

At the risk of sounding super Mary Sunshine, perhaps this is what we can believe in: friendship. That two people can remain loving in friendship when the romance ends and prioritise being kind to one another. Like I said, this is totally the Pollyanna principle and I am generally not a Pollyanna person but, at the same time, if these two were #relationshipgoals at one time for you, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be #relationshipgoals in another way. The celebrity gold standard for this, at least one of them anyway, may be Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen who were together long before they became famous, sure, so the pressure is a little different in that sense, but the way they have raised their daughter together and embraced all of the different loves that have come and gone in one another’s lives is pretty f-cking rad. 

Well, just writing that and imagining it for Channing and Jenna gave me a frisson of the unfamiliar. I can’t picture him with anyone else. Can you?