We’re about to turn this site into a Charles Melton fan club because we love him so much, and by we, I do mean both Sarah and me, because it’s not often that we totally align on an actor but we are totally and beautifully in sync with Charles Melton and YOU SHOULD BE TOO, I’m sorry I’m yelling but I have been telling you about this man for so long and he is now campaigning for a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his exceptional performance in May December and if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for, watch it tonight!


Now, let’s catch our breath before we lose it again when we’re looking at these photos. Caitlin, our hair artist, was just doing my hair a few minutes ago when she saw these shots of him at the Critics Choice Celebration of Black, Latino, and AAPI Achievements last night and basically dropped half my hair that she was wrangling into a pony to get a closer look and shouted, WHO IS THIS MAN WHY IS HE SO F-CKING GORGEOUS. 


That’s exactly right. This outfit. Which is both modern and classic, and looks to me like it could be a take on a jeogori. So a nod to his Korean heritage and a style flex. 

But beyond his appearance, it’s also just HIM. Charles has had his mother by his side through award season, and she was there last night. And he honoured her on stage, getting super emotional standing there accepting his Breakthrough Performance award and looking at her in the audience, the moment was too much for him….


….and now we’re all crying, right? We are all crying! 

Charles Melton showed his work this year in his film. And he is showing who he is on this campaign trail. This is about more than awards though, more than just strategy. This is about the opportunity to be on this campaign trail, to be part of this conversation, and doing so while representing his family and his identity. 

We love Charles Melton here. And we are so happy to be loving him for the next several months through this long ass award season!