No disrespect to Ross Butler, Riverdale’s OG Reggie, but he’s been replaced by Charles Melton for season two and, well, allow me to introduce Charles Melton:



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No one is complaining, right? Charles is a model/ actor you might recognize from American Horror Story: Hotel or Glee. As a character, Reggie isn’t your fave. He had so little to do last season that Ross Butler chose to leave the show for his role in 13 Reasons Why. Reggie is usually an asshole. But he’s a hot asshole who will probably have his shirt off as much as Archie did in season one. Again, who’s complaining? Charles will be joining a cast that already includes my inappropriate obsession Cole Sprouse and KJ “Can’t Take My Eyes Off His Abs” Apa. This cast is stupidly pretty all around.


Since I follow Cole, KJ and the rest of the Riverdale gang on Instagram – obviously – I noticed this photo Cami Mendes aka Veronica Lodge posted of 2/3 of the hottest men (boys?) on Riverdale before it was the catalyst for a few “Y’all, Look How Hot New Reggie Is!” blog posts. I then promptly followed Charles Melton.



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Is pizza porn a thing? I refuse to Google it. This picture is pizza porn. So yeah, New Reggie is going to be a problem come October. We’re still months out from the season two premiere and, so far, we have more than just THAT FACE to be excited for. One of the biggest teasers out of Comic-Con was news that Josie, played by Ashleigh Murray, will be getting a much-deserved storyline of her own and a super-hot love interest. Yes, Josie and Reggie (!!) are going to be walking the halls of Riverdale High arm in arm. I’m not squealing, you’re squealing.

God, I wish this show was around when I was a teenager. I wouldn’t feel as ashamed about how excited I am to watch these two make out. Speaking of Riverdale stars making out, the other big Riverdale Comic-Con gossip was that my obsession Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart may be dating IRL. They play Judghead and Betty, respectively, and their on-screen chemistry became one of the show’s biggest strengths. The news isn’t surprising. This is a cast of stupidly pretty twenty-somethings. Of course they’re f-cking. My question is: who else is getting some other than Jughead? Cami Mendes and KJ Apa have sparked their own dating rumours but based on nothing more than Instagram creeping, I think Veronica could be coming for Josie’s man already.



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If you haven’t started watching Riverdale yet, what are you waiting for?