Charlie Hunnam arrived in Toronto for TIFF today. In sweatpants. When the TIFF list comes out at etalk, some of us, the reporters, we behave like children. We start fighting each other over what we think are the best assignments. I did not get the Charlie Hunnam assignment. Danielle Graham, the host of etalk, got the assignment. The DOUBLE assignment. And she’s been taunting me about it for days.

Danielle interviewed Charlie Hunnam in the etalk lounge AND she’s covering his carpet tonight for Papillon. Like the asshole friend she is, she texted me after the lounge interview like this:

“(He’s) stupid hot and funny and nice and I die. He has no publicist.”

Then, later, when she came to studio she gave me the play by play about how she made him laugh and sassed him and how much he enjoyed their time together. Also, he talked a lot about his girlfriend and how, when he’s not working, he just wants to hang out at home with her. Anyway, here’s Danielle with Charlie:


This is how you kick off #etalkTIFF day 1! Reunited with #CharlieHunnam and I'm not mad about it. But @laineygossip is 😜

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The full interview will be up at tonight. My assignment tonight, if you care, is Armie Hammer.