Charlize Theron accepted the Spotlight Award at the Costume Designers Guild Awards last night in Beverly Hills. The award honours actors who recognise throughout their careers the value that costume designers and costume artists bring to a role. There’s an obvious connection this year between Charlize’s work and how it’s been informed by costume in Bombshell but in almost every role, her costume has shaped her characters – Atomic Blonde, Tully, as Ravenna in the Snow White/Huntsman movies, Monster, even The Long Shot. 

Fittingly, at an event that features the contributions of wardrobe, Charlize’s look was the best of this award season. This outfit is glorious. I love the headpiece. The beading is exquisite. The fit is perfect. And it’s the sleeves that really make this dress sing. It’s not just that they’re pinched at the shoulder and full and blousy but those two thick black bands on the upper arm and the cuffs really make it unusual – and spiky. As in…. a lot of people would have done away with them but that’s the point. This is not just some sparkly same old basic gold dress. 

If this is what she’s choosing for the Costume Designers Awards, what does she have planned for the Oscars?! As I wrote yesterday, Charlize knows she’s not winning Best Actress. Which gives her a lot more room to work with where the look is concerned. The Oscars are, traditionally, pretty conservative where fashion is concerned. But if anyone can elevate, it’s Charlize. 

Speaking of room to work with though – Charlize is in Louis Vuitton here and we know she’s a Dior ambassador. She wears Dior to the biggest events and she was in Dior for the Golden Globes. It pretty much HAS to be Dior for the Oscars, that’s the deal. Charlize’s Dior was Duana’s Best Dressed at the Globes. Can Charlize repeat in Dior at the Oscars?