One of my favorite things this year (so far) is that The Old Guard 2 is happening. It’s filming now in Rome, here is Charlize Theron on set with Kiki Layne and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Check out Andy’s mullet! Part of me hopes they explain this hair choice, and part of me hopes they don’t say a word about it, just Andy has a mullet now and no one ever mentions it. Mullet aside, I generally love Andy’s look of business suit and booties. What is Andy up to? Why does she look like the star of a legal drama called Bona Fide in which she plays a prosecutor named Faith Bonafide, and oh, wow, I’m going to be imagining this show for the rest of the day. 


Definitely it would co-star Jon Hamm as a defense attorney named Rick Bearman, and he and Faith are exes and rivals who went to law school together and the judge—played by Stephen Tobolowsky—has to threaten them with contempt if they don’t stop STARING at each other like THAT, and make your POINT, counselor. Oh, and they end up solving a crime together and it’s okay because Faith gets the real culprit and Rick Bearman’s client gets to go free. And the last shot of the first season is Rick Bearman knocking on Faith’s door and just as it opens it cuts to black and everyone is like, WILL THEY OR WON’T THEY, but that’s for season two.

Anyway, no photos of Marwan Kenzari or Luca Marinelli as yet.