I have a friend who hasn’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet. Yesterday I offered to go see it again with her (what?! It will only be my third time!) but there are NO seats in any of the adult-only-you-can-drink-alcohol theatres. For the second weekend! You know, if you had any doubts about how much money Endgame will continue to make. 

But, ironically, now that’s become a problem for me. Because I also want to see Long Shot, starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, this weekend. And it is not playing in the adult-only-you-can-drink-alcohol theatres near me as all of the screens are being taken up by f-cking Avengers!

Joanna saw Long Shot at SXSW, she loved it. Kathleen saw it a couple of weeks ago in Toronto at a press screening, she also loved it. I think I actually heard Kathleen say that she never thought she’d ever think that Seth could get it. And both of them said Charlize is the BEST in the movie. I want to see this movie! I want to see it so bad! But I want to see it like a spoiled asshole in a leather recliner with in-seat service! For f-ck’s sake, it’s a rom-com – isn’t that how all rom-coms should be consumed? With a burger and a glass of wine? 

Here’s Charlize over the last couple of days promoting Long Shot in New York – at the premiere last night, she had fake bangs put in and I love the look; it’s temporary but it works so well with the suit. Earlier in the day she had her hair pulled back with an adorable black and white dress, belted at the waist, over ankle boots, that I want so bad. And today she stepped out in blue and only she can make this shade of blue this cool. The top is sheer with metal hints, turtleneck, flared cuffs, a killer pair of pants, and exactly the right white pumps. Her wardrobe this entire press tour has been fire.