Charlize Theron was in New York today after promoting Atomic Blonde in Berlin. Everyone I know who’s seen it loves it. The movie opens next weekend and the only other major release that weekend is the Emoji Movie… which… is a different kind of programming altogether but it would be great, non? It would be really f-cking great if another movie with a female action hero topped the box office this summer.

Anyway, Charlize was on Howard Stern for the first time this morning. I just listened to a few clips from the interview. She talks about a recent date she went on – and she said “this guy really impressed me”.

She’s pretty clear about not giving up more information that she intends to give up. Howard tries to probe whether or not the guy is famous and while we can’t see her facial expression, I’m assuming from her silence and his reaction that he is famous. So… who?

You know whose name just came into my head?

What if.

What if it was Brad Pitt?

(I have no idea if it was Brad Pitt.)

But if you’re Brad Pitt, where do you go in love from Angelina Jolie? Almost everyone is 8 steps down from Angelina Jolie. Charlize Theron though? Charlize Theron’s not that far behind Angelina Jolie. Charlize Theron isn’t a 20 year old model, so he wouldn’t be a cliché. And she’s a parent too, so they can relate on that level. And she’s right up there on the fame scale.

As for Charlize? From Sean Penn to Brad Pitt? Come on. This would be GREAT for Gossip. SO f-cking GREAT for gossip. Right? I feel like it could happen. It’s a sixth sense, what I like to call my smutty tingles. Possible?