I’ve been seeing pictures of Chloe Grace Moretz all over LA and it just occurred to me that it’s been a while since Brooklyn Beckham has been around. At last check, the Beckhams were in Miami for Easter, hanging out with Marc Anthony. In March, just after his birthday, Brooklyn and Chloe were photographed kissing each other goodbye in New York. It’s been weeks since he’s posted a photo of her on Instagram. His last Instastory was about the two songs he’s been listening to: XXXTentacion’s Sad! and YBN Nahmir’s Bounce Out With That. Are we reading anything into this? That’s how it works with Gen Z, right? They live their lives and love lives on social media. And these two have been all over each other and social media with their relationship. So when it goes quiet…well… what does it mean? 

Maybe it means nothing. He’s been with family and she’s working on LA. And even they, with their resources and celebrity schedules, haven’t been able to fly to see one another for a while. Here’s Chloe yesterday in LA.