I just saw these new shots of Cher in London heading to the BBC and what I first wanted to write about is this outfit because her half black, half white coat is amazing. And then she matched it with a half black, half white beret and now I don’t know if there’s going to be an outfit that comes around between now and Friday for Outfit of the Week that’s going to be better than this. That said, how does it get better than Cher? 


Can we just… talk about this coat a little more though? Because it’s two coats, or a half-cape on top of a coat – this is what the black side of the coat is doing, it’s more like a cape that’s going over just one side of her body. 

Anyway, not sure why Cher’s in London but she is currently promoting Bobbleheads: The Movie, now available on DVD and digital and… well… I will not be watching this movie but what interests me most about it is why Cher is in it and one of the reasons – aside from the fact that she likes the theme of it and is always open to being in a movie that encourages kids to be themselves – is because, as she told PEOPLE

"I've been famous for a million years, and no one has ever asked me to do voice-overs," she tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I do have a strange voice, I think, for voice-overs, because it's monotonous," Cher, 74, adds. "I mean, when you see my face, it's better when I'm talking. But it's a very strange ... I don't even know. I hate hearing myself. So it's a strange voice."


Is this is her first voice role? CHER?! I mean, she says she has a weird voice, I disagree. It’s a distinct voice, for sure. But I don’t think that’s weird, I think that’s amazing. Her voice is amazing so what’s weird is that no one asks her because…wouldn’t you want Cher’s voice?! 

Cher, by the way, is playing herself in the movie. And while she may be introducing herself to a whole new generation of young fans, that’s not entirely the reason why she said yes:

"It's like Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. I just kept thinking, 'What am I doing in this film? This is a film for young people. Little kids don't know who I am."

"But I realized that it didn't make any difference," she continues. "It didn't make any difference if kids knew who I was or not. My character was great, I was wearing my 'Turn Back Time' outfit, and I was helping the little kids."


Wait…what? The “Turn Back Time” outfit? If you know anything about pop culture, you know that outfit. That outfit in and of itself is iconic. And while I would LOVE for it to be in a kids’ movie, I’m pretty sure that they would have modified the outfit because, well, you know. Let’s watch the video! It was 1989! And she was on a navy ship surrounded by sailors showing the girls who hadn’t even been born yet what it really means to go sheer!