Chris Evans and Emily Blunt are in Miami, filming their Netflix movie Pain Hustlers. The film is from David Yates, finally liberated from the Harry Potter cinematic universe, and screenwriter and anthropomorphized apartment building Wells Tower, and is described as being in the vein of Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short. Blunt stars as Liza Drake, a down on her luck single mom who gets involved with a failing pharmaceutical company, and I’m guessing because of the title, this is going to be about some combination of the opioid crisis, pill mills, and organized crime. There’s no word on who Evans is playing, but given that semi-skeezy goatee, I’m guessing either a pharma bro or a mid-level crime guy. 


They look hot, which is a given because they are Chris Evans and Emily Blunt, but they also look hot because it’s ninety degrees down in Miami, as it is in much of the US right now (if not hotter—I see you, California), and they literally look hot, as in warm, as in heated, as in “stick your head in the freezer for a minute just to know sweet relief”. I know the pumpkin spice people are gearing up for cozy season, but I really have to ask where you live that September qualifies as “cozy season” and not “still summer” because it is one million degrees outside and the prospect of drinking hot coffee is personally overwhelming to me.