Lily James is currently trending on Twitter. The reason? She may or may not be dating Chris Evans. They were seen together in London on Saturday night. After hanging out at a members’ club until after midnight, the two left together to go back to his hotel. The Daily Mail has the photos. 


I mean… it’s one thing to leave together after a night of partying. But Lily lives in London. So, you know, the hotel thing is a thing. Speaking of home though, Lily was previously – currently still? – in a five year relationship with Matt Smith. In December it was reported that they’d broken up. But they were seen together several times during lockdown – once back in March and then again on a bike ride in May: 

Matt Smith and Lily James out for a bike ride in London, May 15, 2020

Two days after that, British tabloids reported that they’d grown close again after quarantining together. Which really just sounds like they were reacting to the photos of them on their bike ride. And the thing about breakups and lockdown is that a pandemic can bring people back together, sure, but having all that time to spend together can also remind them of why they split up in the first place. 


As for Chris Evans, he was in lockdown with his family in Massachusetts. He and his brother Scott appeared via video on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in May. With restrictions lifted (even though they should obviously be rolled back in many parts of America because the situation is getting out of control) he’s obviously now in England. It’s not known if here’s there for work or for pleasure. It’s worth noting that due to the COVID-19 surge in America, American travellers are currently not permitted to enter the EU. England is now allowing visitors from more than 50 countries around the world without a mandatory 14 day quarantine but this does not apply to the United States. US visitors can still go to England but they are required to quarantine for two weeks. Which is understandable because the US is coronavirus central right now. Many hospitals are now at capacity with the number of new cases continuing to climb. Since Chris was out and about on Saturday, then, presumably he’s been in London for at minimum two weeks and has already cleared his quarantine requirement. For American travellers these days, no trip abroad is a short trip, especially not when you have to factor in quarantine upon arrival and return. You’re not going anywhere unless you can make those necessary arrangements on the front and back end. Which gives us some parameters with the timeline. Was this his first post-quarantine outing and they hooked up at the club or, more likely, this can’t have been the first time he’s hung out with her, right? He’s been there at least two weeks? Long enough to have quarantined and then gotten to know her? So…maybe a month?