Here is Chris Evans on the set of Red One, a holiday action flick destined for Amazon Prime. Lucy Liu joined the cast this week, and Kiernan Shipka was added last month. We still don’t really know what this movie is, except an action-adventure film that has something to do with the holidays. Evans is sporting strategic scruff and driving a car in need of a wash, so maybe it’s about a down-on-his-luck dad trying to save Christmas for his kids? Once again, there is no proof this movie isn’t just Jingle All The Way remade with The Rock and Chris Evans. Until we know otherwise—FOR SURE—I will continue to assume this is the case.


I do wonder if it will be any better than Johnson’s output for Netflix. His Netflix movies are…not great, to put it kindly. But Amazon won Red One in a bidding war, it’s something that could have been made by a traditional movie studio, and Amazon’s films typically play in theaters for solid theatrical runs, unlike Netflix movies (even Glass Onion, a surefire crowd pleaser, isn’t getting a traditional release in theaters). Red One will, theoretically, need to work for a movie theater as well as it does a living room. I’m just so afraid of another Red Notice. So, so afraid. Anyway, enjoy Chris Evans looking scruffy for Santa on set.