Sarah posted yesterday about Marvel head Kevin Feige possibly doing a Star Wars movie and what that might mean. Then Collider tweeted the following:

And Chris Evans replied, succinctly: 

If he was really involved at all, given how top secret sh-t is with Disney and Star Wars and Marvel etc, there is no way he’d be flippantly tossing off a tweet. But still, the prospect got people excited. Would Chris Evans really trade in the shield for a lightsaber? He was so ready to be done with Captain America and the scale of the Avengers. And to jump right back into it with Star Wars? Not exactly an independent film, you know? 

At the same time, doesn’t everyone want to be in a Star Wars movie? If it’s a one-off, it’s also not the same kind of lengthy commitment he made to the MCU. So, sure, it’s a possibility. And he’s a troll. 

While we’re here though and talking about Chris Evans, here’s something that came up in my feed. We’ve been discussing celebrities and endorsements this week after Jennifer Lawrence’s Amazon wedding registry was posted and people thought it was tacky. Not that I’m defending her but, you know, celebrities are taking sponsorships from all over the place – and it’s not like this is new, so I’m not sure why one is seen as tackier than the next. 

Check this out (thanks @ChinguriChi)

You know how well Endgame did, right? According to Forbes, Endgame did so well, there were six Avengers on the list of 100 top-earning entertainers last year – Chris Evans was one of them, making an estimated $43.5 million.  And he’s still out here drinking lactose-free milk.