Today in I Mean, Okay news, Chris Hemsworth is going to star as Hulk Hogan in a biopic to be directed by Todd Phillips. This project reunites Phillips with The Joker screenwriter Scott Silver, and Hemsworth is also on board as a producer. This is a strange mix of people and topic, yet I can’t quite muster up any interest in this. Hemsworth is kind of perfect casting for Hulk Hogan, and it’s not hard to picture him bulked up as a 1980s roided-up professional wrestler. It’s just that I care about Hulk Hogan a negative amount. Of all the wrestlers—couldn’t we just get a Ric Flair movie? Imagine Chris Hemsworth playing this guy:


I mean, as long as we’re making movies of professional wrestlers who have used racial slurs (alternatively, we could make movies about other, less racist people), the only possible way to make me care about a Hulk Hogan movie is if it is unflattering. I’m not interested in a hagiography about the guy who once implied a young man deserved to be paralyzed and left in a coma by his drunk son because God was punishing the victim for being a “negative person”. Remember that sh-t? I DO. Also, still kinda mad about the Gawker lawsuit and how that all went down. Our media landscape is undoubtedly worse for Hulk Hogan playing billionaire’s pawn. So, overall, super not interested in a Hulk Hogan movie unless he is the villain. 

There is a chance that is what this movie will be, since it is coming from popular cinema’s misanthrope, Todd Phillips—between movies and people, I can’t tell which he likes less. So it’s doubtful Phillips is going to make a cheery, uplifting biopic like Fighting with my Family, which puts a heart-warming spin on the life story of professional wrestler Soraya-Jade Bevis. Being a film by Todd Phillips, the Hulk Hogan movie will undoubtedly have a mean edge. It’s just a matter of where the meanness is aimed, back at Hogan himself, or out at anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in his wake. 


Attached - Chris in Melbourne earlier this month with Elsa Pataky, Matt Damon, and Luciana Barroso.