Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth have been working on Thor: Love and Thunder for months now in Australia. There’s been gossip during filming but none of it is coming from set – it’s Taika’s offset activity that people have been talking about. Like the fact that he’s now dating Rita Ora and that the two of them and Tessa Thompson had a very tactile brunch on a Sunday morning after a party


Production on Love and Thunder has now wrapped and both Chris and Taika posted about it on Instagram using the same photo: 


There was a story the other day in a UK newspaper about how Marvel supposedly “reprimanded” Taika for whatever it was that he was doing with Rita and Tessa which, as I wrote in What Else?, I wasn’t buying. Didn’t buy the source and Marvel is notoriously tight with leaks, but also…for Marvel, what’s the problem? 

They’ve just wrapped, which means they finished ON SCHEDULE, which means they’ve been ON SCHEDULE, which means, again, the studio had nothing to worry about. They worry when there’s money on the line. If you’re not going over schedule, you’re not going over budget. So why would they need to step in? On top of that, during the on schedule shooting, there were no other issues reported, no other leaks about script, tech breakdowns, personality clashes, quarantine violations, nothing. If the money isn’t an issue and if the work isn’t an issue…


If there isn’t an issue, why would you step in and f-ck with your director, and this director in particular who has already proven he can deliver?! 

But still, this story is out there, about him being “reprimanded” and there are people who will believe it, without critically thinking about it, even though, on paper, it doesn’t make sense. Especially now that we have confirmation that they’ve wrapped, well on time, giving them almost an entire year of post-production. And they did it during a pandemic! 

Attached - Chris Hemsworth out in Sydney the other day with Elsa Pataky and his parents.