It is currently somewhere between minus 19 or minus 25 degrees Celsius in Toronto depending on what part of the city you’re in. Basically it’s cold AS F-CK. A lot of people couldn’t get to work because their cars won’t start. Some of the streetcars are frozen on the tracks. My dogs are too precious to go for a walk because the freeze is hurting the pads on their paws. And I had to put down the window today to pay for parking and it wouldn’t go back up. I sat in the car for almost 15 minutes trying to pull it up with my bare fingers to get the right tension and when that didn’t work, Jacek came from home to fix it. Then he had to rush back home to deal with our home internet service because that’s out right now, perhaps because it’s SO F-CKING COLD. My point is that everything is delayed, I’m behind on posting, and here’s where Chris Pine is helping me out. 

All you want is to look at him anyway so here he is arriving at JFK yesterday, presumably in advance of interviews and other press opportunities to promote I Am the Night premiering next week on TNT. 

In other Chris news, last week I posted photos of him at the Chris Cornell tribute concert. There were no shots of him with Annabelle Wallis but she was there with him. A reader was standing close to them and has it on video. I’ve seen the video but have yet to secure permission to post it so I’m telling you about it first pending confirmation. And besides, like I said, we are working on limited connections today because it is SO F-CKING COLD. Should I get confirmation to post, I’ll follow up with another article so that you can see it with your own eyes, if you need to. In the meantime, enjoy your Best Chris and you are hereby updated in January 2019 that he and Annabelle are still together.