Chris Pine was also at the Chris Cornell tribute concert last night where Brad Pitt introduced one of the performances. No sign of Annabelle Wallis – they’ve been dating nearly a year now – although they were together at a party in London back in December in matching outfits and there’s been no reason to believe anything has changed. In that post about their matching outfits, Kathleen wondered whether or not they’d ever make their “red carpet debut”. Will they ever? Is he that guy? 

If there is to be a red carpet debut, an opportunity is coming up. Chris’s TNT series I Am the Night starts airing on January 28th. There’s usually a premiere event for these kinds of things. And, for those of you who believe that Chris Pine is the Best Chris, he’ll likely be making some press appearances in support of the show since, at least in my bubble, there hasn’t been that much awareness of it. 

And another thing for those of you on Chris Pine is the Best Chris side, Duana and I discussed this on the latest episode of Show Your Work that was just posted yesterday and we weigh in. Not sure this would have been decision back in 2012. The reason I’m bringing up 2012 is because that’s the year This Means War came out and I was trying to namecheck that movie during our discussion and couldn’t find a reason to. But do you remember This Means War? If you don’t, I don’t blame you because, well, it was sh-t and, unfortunately, not sh-t in the way that it becomes beloved cult sh-t after a few years. Weirdly, it doesn’t even come on that much like on weekends on cable which is where cult sh-t can sometimes take hold. Kathleen’s probably the only person around these parts who watches it on DVD every morning while she’s getting ready (Chris is her Best Chris). 

Should we give it a re-watch or nah? I feel like Prem, young as he is, would be the one who’s never seen it. He would have still been in high school (!!!) when it came out. Should I pitch this to him?