Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis are still dating. As far as we know, they’ve been together officially since March. They started the ‘showing up to events in coordinating outfits’ phase of their relationship in July. Chris and Annabelle are still in that phase. Here they are in London leaving a Christmas party (Evgeny’s annual vodka and caviar party) once again in matching looks. 

Annabelle is in a gold, Chinese cheongsam dress (an earlier version of this post misidentified this dress as “kimono-style” - that was my ignorant mistake, apologies) with deep brown lining and corresponding heels. Chris is in a deep brown leather jacket and a tone-equivalent fedora. He looks HOT. So does Annabelle. Their looks aren’t as matchy-matchy as Britney and Justin in denim on denim but you can tell that they got dressed with the other’s look in mind. Chris and Anabelle are never clashing. I like their consistency but it seems exhausting. My partner and only usually only match when we’re wearing similar grey sweat suits like Floridian retirees. Anything else is too much effort. 

Chris and Annabelle are less than a year into their situation. How much longer do you think the complimentary outfits continue? I’m still patiently waiting for their official red-carpet debut. It’s going to be SO colour-coordinated. I can’t wait.