Gossip Easter egg! Gossip Passover treat!

Chris Pine (who apparently is your favourite Chris, if I’m going by my inbox, because when I wrote about him last Friday so many of you begged me to kill your crush on him) and Annabelle Wallis were seen arriving at Heathrow together today. There, did that kill your crush? 

Annabelle used to date another Chris – Chris Martin. Chris Martin is now with Dakota Johnson. As far as I know, Chris Pine has never dealt with Dakota Johnson but I feel like if he did, it wouldn’t surprise me. Couldn’t you see Chris with Dakota Johnson? 

Maybe Chris (Pine) and Annabelle just happened to be on the same flight together. Maybe they’re working on a new project together. Maybe they’re just friends. Travelling together over a holiday weekend, however, is definitely grounds for gossip. It’s not an ordinary weekend. 

So this is possibly probably a thing, right? Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis are a thing? How are you feeling about this, Chris Pine stans? Are you OK? I’m OK from a gossip perspective. Chris Pine is an upgrade on Chris Martin, right? 

In other Annabelle news, it was just announced that she’s signed on to a new movie called Boss Level starring Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson. According to Deadline the movie is about: 

A retired special forces officer is trapped in a never-ending time loop on the day of his death. Wallis will play Alice, a dental hygienist who hates teeth but has a huge crush on her patient Roy Pulver (Grillo). Since Roy has to repeat this particular day numerous times till he gets it right, Alice is frequently part of the repeating narrative, sometimes in bed alongside Roy as the first assassin of the day tries to murder him, as well as in other encounters with him.

Did that paragraph bother you? Did one specific detail in that paragraph bother you? It bothered me. That part about Annabelle being “in bed”? How did we go from dental hygienist to being in bed?