Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis were first spotted together in March travelling together over a holiday weekend. At the time, it wasn’t enough for a relationship confirmation but it was enough for Lainey’s smutty tingles to go off. Then, I declared them boyfriend and girlfriend after they attended a dinner party together in Malibu looking very much like they were going steady. 

Now, Chris and Anabelle are at the stage in their relationship where they hold hands in public and wear matching outfits. I’m not mad at this. Why aren’t I mad at this? It’s possible I’m not gagging over the intentionally coordinating ensembles because of my bias towards The Best Chris and his BDE but it may also be because they are coordinating very well. 

If this was a “How To Match With Your Partner” segment on the daytime talk show I produce, Chris and Anabelle would be used as our celebrity example. They're not wearing the exact same colour. They're both rocking the neutral monochrome trend (Chris looks like a scrumptious main course GOOD LORD) but Annabelle's slightly lighter look brings the whole thing together nicely. If I'm being picky, I'd scrap the harsh black belt for something earthier or no belt at all.

Other outlets are declaring these photos as Chris and Annabelle's official coming out as a couple. It's not like they've been hiding but sure, this is their first blatant public display of solidarity. And for it, they decided to match. Is that an indicator of how serious Chris and Annabelle are? If they're still together by the time the Wonder Woman 1984 press tour starts, are we going to see them in coordinating red carpet looks? I feel like I should be less excited for this than I am.