Chris Pine is not my Best Chris—that would be Hemsworth—but maybe he’s yours. He is enough people’s Best Chris that I accept him as A Best Chris. Maybe not THE Best Chris, but definitely A Best Chris. He made a case for being THE Best Chris by showing up to the SAG Awards in a cream tuxedo and velvet slippers. You can’t discredit this dude’s willingness to Wear Clothes. Chris Pine is really committed to Wearing Clothes. He doesn’t just get dressed, he doesn’t merely don a suit. He Wears Clothes. I knew a girl in high school who once wore a bright orange prison jumpsuit she found at a Goodwill (in hindsight, I have a lot of questions about how it got there) to school. That was Wearing Clothes. Chris Pine, with his caftans, colorful suits, velvet slippers, and dreamsicle-inspired outfits, also Wears Clothes.

He was on hand because his new TV series with Patty Jenkins, I Am The Night, premieres this week on TNT, one of the stations broadcasting the SAG Awards. This is like how the Oscars will be chock-a-block with Disney people, since Disney owns ABC. (The network advertising during award shows is getting ever more craven and obvious.) I’m not really sure about I Am The Night. I’ll watch it, but I’m not really into trying to solve crimes that, at this point, basically can’t be solved. Too often, it becomes about the violence done and the victim gets lost in the narrative. The Black Dahlia case is especially guilty of this, as it has totally been co-opted by Hollywood. We don’t even refer to the victim by her name, Elizabeth Short, she’s “the Black Dahlia”. I hope Jenkins and Pine can do justice to the story, because I would like to keep enjoying Wonder Woman and Chris Pine Wearing Clothes without having to side eye them for falling into the Black Dahlia trap of forgetting about Elizabeth Short, the person, in favor the Black Dahlia, the victim. We shall see. In the meantime, enjoy these photos of Chris Pine Wearing Clothes.

(Lainey: ahem.)