Chris Pines limited series, I Am The Night, aired earlier this year on TNT. Reviews were medium. I don’t know if it made that much of an impact. As we know, television is a crowded space now, and it’s a peak space – there are so many shows, so many good shows, even great shows, that most of us can’t watch everything, we watch what we like, and we cluster together with the people who also watch what we like. Monoculture is dead, or will die with Game of Thrones, blah blah blah, you’ve heard it before. 

Still, it’s Emmy season. Emmy eligibility runs until May 31 and the nomination round begins June 10. Final nominations will then be announced July 16 – and Chris is out here doing some campaigning, seen here at a For Your Consideration event in LA last night. With a longer hairstyle. 

It’s a 90s boy band hairstyle, right? It’s Leonardo DiCaprio in the mid-90s hairstyle. Leo in Titanic as Jack Dawson hairstyle. Some might say, no, Lainey, River Phoenix did it before all of them. 


Brad Pitt did it too, in Seven Years in Tibet:


So…are you into it on Chris Pine? I can tell you that Kathleen is into it, and I don’t even have to ask her. K’s boy band thirst is strong, there is no way she’s not celebrating the marriage of her two obsessions, boy bands and Chris Pine. But is this the beginning of something? 

Trends move in waves, what comes in will go out and eventually move in again. Is this hairstyle for guys coming back in? Do you want it to come back in?