Is that a lethal combination? If Chris Pine is your Best Chris, I had you at Chris Pine. But this is Chris Pine + Dog + he took his shirt off. 

So I can just cut out here and we’d be good, right? 

Well, for SEO purposes, I do have to write a little more, otherwise Google will think I’m a spammer. There’s a little internet inside baseball for you – many believe that the internet police penalises websites that cheat content by not engaging in any conversation beyond look at these pictures, the end. 


Which I get. We always want to have more conversation. In this case, I would like to converse with you about Chris’s dog and not his chest. Chris adopted Wednesday Weld back in 2016. 


Good name, right? I’m assuming Wednesday is a girl because of both the Wednesday Addams reference and Tuesday Weld too. Since Chris is not on social media, we don’t see Wednesday Weld much, unlike Dodger Evans who’s became an internet celebrity because of his appearances on Chris Evans’s social media pages. That doesn’t mean, however, that Wednesday Weld isn’t on social media period. It’s very possible that Pine has his own private accounts, and if he does, I can’t imagine that Wednesday Weld wouldn’t be featured because as most people who share their lives with pets will tell you, they somehow always, one way or another, end up in your feed. Wednesday Weld, then, might just be a little more exclusive than the other celebrity pets out there. She values her privacy, clearly.