I thought this was amusing at the top of the post. Then I kept scrolling. And damn near lost my mind. At “Hung Up” I thought maybe we had peaked. The shape of his back and the way his ass looks in that leotard, I’ll be laughing about this for weeks. But then. Well. Wait for it. Keep scrolling. I don’t want to spoil it. Just… when you see the photo and read Michael K’s reaction, you may not be able to recover. THOSE THIGHS. (Dlisted) 

Have you ever seen Mamma Mia!, not the movie but on stage? I’ve never seen Cats, I don’t think, but I’ve seen Mamma Mia! I went to Mamma Mia! because I love ABBA. By the end of Mamma Mia! I loved it on its own terms. Here’s Kayleigh Donaldson on the enduring appeal of Mamma Mia!. I suspect Duana would agree with every word. (Pajiba) 

I had no idea people were getting pissy about Chrissy Teigen’s body. Here’s Chrissy reading a book out in the sun while breastfeeding. There’s nothing obviously offensive to me so you let me know what it is that is going to bother the judgy moms. Also … what book?! (TMZ) 

What do you think of Lauren Cohan’s shoes? This is for sure a lot of imagination at work. And I quite like the shape of the toe and the sharp contrast between the black and the white. I don’t know if I’d get them for myself though. I think I might just prefer to look at them on someone else. Because they seem really complicated. And ultimately I’m lazy with shoes. These shoes probably require a lot of effort to get right. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Princess Eugenie’s wedding is two and a half months away. Which, I guess, is why we’re getting so many updates about it now. The latest: will Jack Brooksbank get a title? After we’re done wondering about that, for those who are, can we start speculating about her dress? And tiara? And whether or not there will be any guest list drama? (Cele|bitchy) 

I LOVE eggs. I eat a lot of eggs. Probably at least 8 eggs a week. Sometimes more. And I like my eggs runny. Because I love yolk. So of course I’m all about a poached egg. Here’s the thing about me and eggs: I can’t make them well. Never have been able to. Couldn’t tell you how to poach an egg until I read this article. Now I think I might try this weekend.  (The Cut)