Lest you have forgotten, consider this a reminder that Tim Burton is directing a new series for Netflix about Wednesday Addams. It’s called Wednesday, and it stars Jenna Ortega (something of a scream queen with films like X, Studio 666, Scream, and The Babysitter: Killer Queen under her belt) as Wednesday Addams. It’s said to be a supernatural mystery show in which Wednesday is off at boarding school at the Nevermore Academy. Sure, sounds fine. I’m mostly holding back because I don’t trust Tim Burton anymore, but I hope this turns out well. I LOVE Wednesday Addams, she, along with Lydia Deetz, was one of my icons when I was a kid. I want all good things for every iteration of Wednesday Addams.


Of course, the Wednesday of my childhood is Christina Ricci, who gave an immortal performance as the Addams’ strange daughter. But Wednesday is a forever child, a grown Wednesday is just Morticia. So, when they announced the new show, it meant casting a new Wednesday, but still, people wanted Ricci involved in some way, because she is the actor most strongly affiliated with Wednesday Addams in people’s minds. And lo, it has come to pass. Thora Birch had to exit the series during production, and Christina Ricci joined up mid-go to play a new character meant to replace Birch’s character in the show. So, she’s not reshooting Birch’s role, but they devised a new character for Ricci to serve the same story point. Confusing! But okay!

This is the best-case scenario for getting Ricci involved in the new series. She can’t play an adult Wednesday, because again, that is just Morticia, and Morticia in this new story is being played by Catherine Zeta-Jones (Luis Guzman is Gomez). They’re keeping details of Ricci’s character under wraps, undoubtedly to build suspense around the idea of Ricci returning to the world of the Addamses, but I hope she’s playing one of the eccentric aunts or cousins. You know what would be fun? If she’s playing Misty and it’s a Yellowjackets crossover. Merge Christina Ricci’s two iconic roles, let her be doubly iconic!


Wednesday is expected later this year. In the meantime, we will always have Christina Ricci’s turn as Wednesday from The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values. Both of which really hold up, by the way.