It was opening night in Cannes last night with two cinematic legends front and center on the red carpet. 


We’ll start with Jane Fonda because at 86, there is no quit in this bitch! 

And that was after she took off the jacket. If you haven’t seen the look with the jacket… please… prepare yourselves: 

Jane Fonda on the red carpet for the Cannes Film Festival premiere of 'The Second Act' and Opening Ceremony, May 14, 2024

This f-cking HAIR. I am rarely taken with a side-part hairstyle but Jane Fonda is telling me to shut the f-ck up, because THIS HAIR. The lip. The vamping. The knowing. She KNOWS. That she has it, that she has always had it, that she will forever have it. Which is why we should be grateful that she’s out here allowing us to enjoy it. 

And then Meryl Streep. Meryl receive the honourary Palme d’Or last night and made her way up the famed red steps at the Palais basking in the glory of worship; it’s not hyperbolic to say that she is, among this concentration of global filmmakers, basically a god at this point. 


She was emotional in the moment, but not overwrought, her speech delightful for its sincerity and simplicity. I love that she kicked it off with a note on pronunciation, herself saying “Cannes” in that pretentious affected way that North Americans do – “Cahhhn” instead of just “Can” – and calling it out for what it is. Also the way she dropped her voice when she was addressing “Madame La Presidente”, Greta Gerwig. Miranda Priestley jumped out. 


Speaking of Greta, she was in blood red Saint Laurent sequins last night for her first trip down the carpet at Cannes jury president.


Lily Gladstone also wore sequins – black sequins, custom Gucci: 

This is two Gucci looks in a row for Lily in Cannes and, you’ll recall, Lily also wore Gucci to the Oscars…


Now I’m wondering if Lily will ride Gucci all the way during the festival, not unlike how Brie Larson went with Chanel last year all through Cannes. And whether or not this is the beginning of a more permanent partnership. I posted about Gucci yesterday and the new direction for the house under Sabato De Sarno. When Gucci was Alessandro Michele the celebrity ambassador vibe was all Dakota Johnson and Jared Leto, louche boho energy. That’s not the vibe anymore – and if Lily is signalling that departure, well, GOOD. They couldn’t dream of a better celebrity to associate themselves with.