The Essex Serpent, the period drama starring Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes and based on Sarah Perry’s novel, drops on Apple TV+ on May 13. That’s just a couple weeks away, and the premiere was held yesterday. It’s one of those events where everyone showed up dressed for a different event. I do like Claire Danes’s Valentino snake dress a lot, very appropriate given the subject of the show. She, however, looks wildly overdressed, though Hiddleston is closest in fanciness to her among people involved with the show, but her husband, Hugh Dancy, is the only man who put on a tie. 


It’s very strange, that The Essex Serpent is debuts so soon and there is no trailer. At least not one that I can find, and I’ve scrolled WAY down Youtube, so far the videos have gone from relevant to vaguely-related SEO prompted stuff involving the Loch Ness monster and other supposed sea monsters. While this is a very interesting rabbit hole—I don’t believe in them, but I like a good nautical yarn—where is this trailer? It was funny when Marvel delayed the Thor Love and Thunder teaser because so many people were constantly checking on it, but like, what is the cultural awareness that an Essex Serpent adaptation starts in two weeks? Apple can be lackadaisical about their streaming platform, as it is a loss leader for their gadgets, but this is a bit much. Promote your prestige drama, dammit!