Colin and Livia Firth announced their divorce just before the holidays. A few years ago, it was revealed that Livia was allegedly being blackmailed by an ex-lover, a journalist she’d had an affair with who was bitter about her ending the relationship which he denies, insisting that she was the one with the drama. 

The way Colin and Livia presented it publicly at the time, we were meant to believe that they’d been through some sh-t and come out of it committed to their marriage. Colin knew about the affair and, evidently, he was willing to move past it. 

Some people can. And some issues can’t be resolved. Often, where cheating is concerned, it’s just a symptom of a greater problem. Colin and Livia obviously tried - for a couple of years they tried, but ultimately it didn’t work. They’re over ...but it doesn’t seem like it’s ugly?

Here they are co-hosting a screening for The Great Hack in London, perhaps something they committed to before making the decision about their marriage. Or perhaps they committed to the event after because they’re past the ugly part of the separation and are actually close and dear friends after all these years. 

So now who are we setting him up with? Jennifer Aniston?