Dear Gossips,  

Colman Domingo is here to do three things, win an Oscar, serve looks, and talk. We’re here to talk about that last one. 


Domingo is a prolific actor, appearing in everything from Fear the Walking Dead to Lincoln and Selma and Candyman and Zola—his credits are endless. He won an Emmy for guest starring on Euphoria, and it is Euphoria he talked about in an interview with The Independent while promoting his new film, Rustin. Of that report that Euphoria is a “toxic” production, Colman chalked it up to “long hours”, saying, A lot of young actors may not be up for the task, or have that same work ethic.”


He's not wrong about the hours, and that is undoubtedly part of the complaints about the working environment on Euphoria, but creator Sam Levinson’s other show, The Idol, also came under scrutiny for a toxic on-set environment, so like, maybe there’s something up with Sam Levinson as a boss, too? Of course, Domingo isn’t going to say THAT, he’s breaking into the mainstream in his fifties, he’s an openly gay Black man in Hollywood, he has been around the block too many times to step a foot wrong now, on the brink of an Oscar nomination. 

But also saying “those kids don’t work” cracks me up, especially since I’m still irate at Jacob Elordi and I am now imagining Colman Domingo rolling his eyes at Jacob Elordi. The other side of the coin, though, is that he does defend Sam Levinson, with whom he previously worked on Assassination Nation, saying, “Sam Levinson is joyful, and collaborative, and could not be a bigger advocate for his actors.”


I mean, Sam Levinson is also dogged by rumors of unhappy casts and crews and dramatic stories spill out of his sets like a broken bottle, so something’s up. But apparently, grown ass man Colman Domingo isn’t having issues working with Sam Levinson, so maybe it is an age thing. Maybe it is a work ethic thing, and maybe there’s something about Colman Domingo that Sam Levinson can’t push around, I’m just saying. 

I like Colman Domingo a lot, I believe him when he says HE isn’t having issues on set, and he probably is onto something with the work ethic thing—a LOT of actors are shocked by the hours on TV shows when they get their first TV gigs. But when it comes to Sam Levinson’s shows, there’s an awful lot of chirping for all of the canaries to be okay.

Live long and gossip,