Oh. My. GOD this dress on Gabrielle Union. And the way she wore it is better, in my opinion, than how it was shown on the runway. More skin, fewer accessories, but still glamorous but also… like… accessible, right? On Gabrielle the dress’s construction is showcased so much more, non? (Go Fug Yourself) 


The Met Gala is just six weeks away, and I’m already nervous, excited, and scared about how people will interpret the theme for this year. Katy Perry, who is always the most literal Met Gala attendee, just might show up in petticoats with a bonnet. The Queen of the Met Gala, as we know, is Rihanna who confirmed she’s in her third trimester. So it’s possible that she’ll have had her baby by then and won’t be there. Or she could have her baby THERE but only after showing up in the best outfit and shutting down the carpet. (Dlisted) 

Zawe Ashton flashed a diamond ring at the BAFTAs the other night and it’s apparently now confirmed that she and Tom Hiddleston are engaged and could also be expecting their first child together. (Cele|bitchy) 

Pete Davidson branded Kim Kardashian’s name onto his body and… like… are we actually trying to make this romantic because, um, we all know what goes into branding, right? As in a hot poker is pushed into your body and your skin is burned? The last time branding because a pop culture headline it was three years ago and the f-cked up sh-t that the Nxivm cult members were made to do. Also, Yellowstone. This is not my idea of romance. (Pajiba) 


The F1 2022 season is about to begin. Practice is tomorrow in Bahrain, I’m hoping to be able to do a Lewis Hamilton fashion post from his runway, the track. We’ll see if we can get the photos. In the meantime, I’m trying to pace my way through Drive to Survive season four. Could have burned through it this week but we wanted to end on the final two episodes tomorrow night, before qualifying. In anticipation of the first race of 2022, The Ringer has put together a list of the most influential people in the sport heading into the season. And Lewis has just posted on Instagram. (The Ringer)