Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, what some people call the day of love. And no one loves love more than Jennifer Lopez. So of course there was a love post on Instagram with a reveal… 

Bennifer tattoos. 


Ben Affleck is no stranger to a tattoo. And no stranger to a tattoo that becomes a cultural talking point. The phoenix back tat has basically reached iconic gossip status at this point. At first he was embarrassed and denied that it was permanent. Then came the now legendary shot of him on the beach, the phoenix on full display:


A couple of years ago, he was finally at peace with it, admitting that, yes, it’s there, and yes, it’s meaningful to him, and yes, he knows that he was clowned for it, but no, he’s no longer bothered by the mockery. Interestingly enough, well before there was even a hope of them getting back together, JLo actually commented on the tat: 


Now she’s actually gotten her first, for him, for both of them. 


So it’s fitting then that the internet is now laughing at hers… for its basic bitchness, LOL. 

I’m just not sure why anyone would think that getting that as their first tattoo, dedicated to their love, would actually be …cool? The act itself of tattooing love is not cool, in fact it’s basic as f-ck, so how could the end result be cool? Of course it’s corny. These two are corny! They have never not been corny! Did you see their corny-ass Pinterest wedding?! 


So the tats aren’t the only corny content in this Valentine’s post. You’ll also note that there are several throwbacks to themselves which, frankly, is a gift to gossip. If you love celebrity gossip, you can’t not love the ass grab, and the two shots at the end of the carousel of Bennifer at the 2003 Oscars with JLo in that mint green Valentino one-shoulder dress, still a f-cking classic. 

That was 20 years ago next month!

Is she trying to tell us something? Are they going to present at the Oscars? They were at the Grammys, why not the Oscars? 

Attached – Bennifer out for dinner last night.