You know a detail I love in the final season of Succession? The way Lukas Mattson keeps insisting that unflattering magazine illustration of Shiv working him like a marionette doesn’t bother him. Just the way he keeps saying, “It’s fine,” it’s so obviously NOT fine, but Alexander Skarsgard perfectly underplays the delivery every time. Skarsgard already has a hoard of trophies for Big Little Lies, including an Emmy, but could he win another for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for Succession? I feel like, for all his gold jackets and “broad” posturing, Lukas Mattson isn’t that flashy of a role. Skarsgard was consistently great, but what’s his “clip moment?” Lukas screaming at his phone?


Anyway, here’s ASkars walking around NYC yesterday. Sort of disorienting to hear about the terrible air quality in the Northeastern US due to smoke from the Canadian wildfires, but still see people walking around like nothing’s going on. No judgment, he may have just been popping down to the corner or something, it’s just giving me flashbacks to peak pandemic times when half the people were yelling about wearing masks and half the people were insisting everything was fine.

If you’re feeling helpless in the face of yet more wildfires raging in the world, displacing people and animals, the Canadian government and Nova Scotian government are matching donations through the Canadian Red Cross. Or, you can give to local support and relief efforts through Global Giving here.